Flash on browser officially discontinued

In 2017 Adobe announced that they will be discontinuing flash support by the end of 2020. Today, support for flash software has ended, and content running it will be blocked starting January 12, 2021.

Users should not have a difficult time transitioning away from the format since most browsers already have an alternative software that can run similar content. iPad and iPhone users are not affected at all since Safari has never had Flash inside its app.

In 2010 Steve Jobs criticized Flash for being a battery drain on devices, being unreliable and incompatible with mobile-view websites. Furthermore, the former CEO said how the company was slow to adopt enhancements.

Flash Player has been a continual source of exploits and vulnerabilities for PC and Mac users. Malicious entities used it as a portal to establish security risks and malware.

Since Flash support is discontinued Adobe has recommended that users uninstall the software to protect their systems.

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