Flint Center, Former Venue For Apple Events is Closing

The board of trustees over at the De Anza College has voted to close down Flint Center, once used as Apple’s venue for major product and service announcements.

In the meeting, there was a discussion that it may be restructured to become a performing arts venue or turned into faculty or student housing. According to the Los Altos Town Crier, the voting attracted a large crowd and speakers that wanted the venue closed or remain open. Students wanted to close it but advocates from the California Pops Orchestra and Peninsula Symphony wanted to keep it open.

Stave Jobs Flint Center
Steve Jobs at the Flint Center with the G3 iMac.

Flint Center is renowned as the place where the very first iMac was announced. The blue model had a significant place in history as it single-handedly reinvigorated Apple and marked the return of Steve Jobs to the company. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were the last Apple products to have been launched, along with the introduction of the Apple Watch.

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