A thermal camera can help troubleshoot problems in the house, including faulty electrical wiring, water damage, energy loss and more.

FLIR’s Pro-Grade Thermal Camera

Today, you can get the FLIR ONE Professional Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones (iOS) for just $269.99 from its original price of $400 on Amazon.

FLIR’s thermal camera is much more convenient than a traditional thermal imaging device in that it can connect easily to your iPhone. Simply plug it into the Lightning port and the device should work right then and there. As for detail and clarity, the One Pro is unmatched as it delivers 19,200 pixel images with a 70mK thermal sensitivity.

The thermal camera’s unique image processing technology lets you pinpoint concerns with accuracy and enhanced resolution.

Add MSX to the mix and you get unmatched image quality over similar mobile IR devices. The adjustable OneFit connector adapts to any iPhone case you have.

Get the discounted FLIR ONE Thermal Camera for iOS today!


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