Apple working on foldable iPhones for 2022 launch

Apple is reportedly working on a foldable iPhone with a tentatively planned launch in 2022, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The existence of the foldable iPhone project was first reported by a Chinese supplier in November of 2020. Nonetheless, a report from Gurman solidifies the rumours to some extent, as he has a strong record in reporting Apple news.

The foldable iPhones will reportedly compete with Samsung’s slew of foldable phones. The South Korean Samsung has released two different types of foldables. One of the two is a clamshell styled foldable and the other is a long bar which when opened turns into a tablet. Apple is reportedly still in the early prototype phase which means the company is still trying out different form factor foldables.

Foldable iPhone

Perfection over quickness

Apple engineers are reportedly working on different types of foldable iPhones, according to the report by Bloomberg. It is well known that the Cupertino tech giant is always late to the game as it takes extra time to perfect the product. Well, it’s difficult to confirm as to whether Apple will actually release a foldable as it’s still in the prototyping phase. Not always project and patented future products see the light of day.

Galaxy Fold by Samsung
Galaxy Fold [Image Credits: Samsung]

The interest for foldables is mixed – some people actually find it useful whereas others see it as just gimmicks. Foldables do allow users to carry a tablet in the size of a phone when folded which is a major advantage over the traditional slab styled touch phones. 

At the same time, Apple is due for a major overhaul of the iPhone as not much has changed since the iPhone X which was released in 2017. The company is reportedly planning to include an in-screen fingerprint reader on the upcoming 2021 iPhone flagship. However, major changes to the iPhone such as a foldable could be reserved for next year.