Apple’s first foldable iPhone to release in 2023, says Kuo

The noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF-International Securities has reported that Apple’s first foldable iPhone is expected to release sometime in 2023. The company has been rumoured to be working on a foldable device for a longtime now, by various analysts and leaksters. However, the statement from Kuo is a major confirmation of the product, as he is usually always right with his predictions.

According to the popular Apple blog MacRumours which has read the note from the analyst Kuo, the first foldable iPhon will have an 8” flexible screen. The display technology used in the device will be OLED and it will be sourced from the South Korean giant Samsung. The device is said to be available for the general public in 2023.

Foldable iDevice

Apple expects to sell a huge number of units

Kuo adds that he expects Apple to target sales somewhere between 15 million and 20 million for the upcoming rumoured foldable iPhone. Of course, the numbers are slightly lower compared to the current generation iPhones but it would be massive for the foldable category of phones which is still relatively new.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

At present, the foldable smartphone category has a sales number of around 2.8 million devices – in 2020. As expected, the majority of the share is occupied by the South Korean smartphone maker Samsung which makes the best foldable phone at the moment. The company makes the Galaxy Z Fold 2 which turns into a tablet when opened and the Galaxy Flip which is a throwback to clamshell phones from the 2000s.

“At present, the product position of foldable smartphones is mainly to integrate the smartphone and tablet,” writes Kuo. “But we believe that the foldable smartphone is only one of the applications of the foldable design. We predict that foldable devices will blur the product segmentations between smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the future. With its cross-product ecosystems and hardware design advantages, Apple will be the biggest winner in the new foldable device trend.”