Ford hires former Apple exec for ‘Hands-Free Automatic’ driving

American carmaker company Ford recently hired former Apple exec Peter Stern for a role in hands-free automatic driving.

Stern was deeply integral to the iCloud and Apple TV+ services and spent six years in his former company. He reported to Eddy Cue and apparently was in line to replace the executive. However, in January Stern left Apple and said that he wanted to ‘spend more time’ on the East Coast.


Stern surfaced as a Ford executive, manning the Integrated Services division. Ford states that the department’s responsibility is to create ‘valuable software-enabled customer experiences’ for the model E, Blue, and Pro ranges.

In a statement, Stern mentioned that he’s passionate about creating new service businesses, which Ford was able to create for him. He claims that he’s in the ‘middle of something truly historic’, with hints of creating automatic driving a reality. He’s tasked with building out a highway driving system via ‘hands-free’ technology and ‘imagine new high-value services’ in Ford.