Epic Games’ Fortnite can now be accessed on iPhones using the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.


A new, touch-friendly version of the battle royale game Fortnite is now available on iOS, introduced by the partnership between Microsoft and Epic Games.

The native Fortnite app was kicked out of the App Store in 2020 amid concerns about in-platform payment options. Up until now there hasn’t been a mobile version, but Xbox has resolved to end the stalemate.

Fortnite can now be played on browsers for free, which means an Android phone, iPhone and iPad can access the title without needing a subscription. Microsoft recently unveiled the promotion on YouTube via its official Xbox channel. Users can connect a Backbone One or DualSense controller should they want to.

Those interested can log in using their Xbox account to play Fortnite on iOS. Before, it was possible to play the game using the GeForce Now service but it requires a game controller.


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