Foxconn Expands Manufacturing Operations in Other Countries

Foxconn, Apple’s largest supply chain partner in manufacturing states that it’s expanding operations outside China.

In a Bloomberg report, Young Liu, Foxconn chairman admits that China won’t be the ‘epicenter’ of manufacturing, and that the company intends to put up an ecosystem in Southeast Asia, the US and India.


And while China will still be a key location, Foxconn has gradually moved to other sites- about 30% of its manufacturing capacity is now outside China. Recently, Foxconn has put up factories in Vietnam and India.

This week Foxconn has begun hiring more people in line with the production of the iPhone 12. The announcement of the new iPhone is expected to come this year, with four models total. All of them may have flat-edge design, 5G and OLED displays.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the usual time for shipping will be moved from late September to October. Foxconn will be experiencing a Q3 earnings dip due to the delay.