Foxconn increases daily bonus wages for iPhone assembly workers

Foxconn is reportedly increasing its workers’ daily bonuses to combat worker shortages.

The Apple supplier is said to be offering bonuses of up to 400 yuan daily, which is four times as much as the normal bonus rate of 100 yuan at its Zhengzhou location. Furthermore, employees who reach a certain threshold of 25 days get an additional 5,000 yuan, and those who ‘put in their full effort’ can receive a bonus of 15,000 yuan minimum.


Foxconn is Apple’s partner and is responsible for manufacturing around 70 percent of the whole iPhone line. Due to COVID lockdowns, Foxconn and similar plants in the region are struggling to maintain optimal worker levels. Issues with assembly can lead to a production loss of as much as 30 percent. However, Foxconn is rallying to get more workers at a different site while encouraging its Zhengzhou workers to stay with the aforementioned bonuses.