Foxconn iPhone 12 recruits to get a bonus as demand surges


Apple partner Foxconn is offering monetary incentives to new employees on the production line to try and keep up with the iPhone 12 demand.

Foxconn iPhone 12 Recruits

Foxconn has recently set a one-time bonus of $1,158 aside from the regular salary so recruits could be encouraged to meet requirements.

The company often employs salary bonuses when driving up production for the iPhone. Currently, it’s focused on assembling the iPhone 12 lineup and attract staff who may be interested in earning money for assembling Apple’s flagship smartphone.

The bonus is set for those who will be working at the Foxconn Zhengzhou facility. The requirement is that they have to work for 90 days and complete at least 55 days of duty.

Increased worker pay could be the result of the company enjoying increased revenues for April this year. Foxconn had a 31.39 percent growth, or equivalent to $16.62 billion for April compared to the previous years’ numbers.


Samantha Wiley

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