Notable Apple partner Foxconn reports that operations are back to normal following the Shenzhen COVID-19 lockdown.


The Chinese chip manufacturer says that it already obtained the green light to resume production via special containment procedures. Reuters confirms this and states that Foxconn has opened its major facilities in Guanlan and Longhua. Furthermore, it’s said that resumption was done under the observation of epidemic prevention policies and strict implementation of antivirus measures.

Reuters mentioned that internal documents say that Futian workers are to remain at home as it’s believed to be a ‘high risk’ area. There’s no timeline as to when workers are to report back to the facility.

The delay in Foxconn operations may have led to the shipping delay of the newly released Mac Studio, which saw extensions from March to June. The major technology manufacturer is responsible for churning out iPhones, and recently parts for the Mac Studio.


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