French news channel TF1 gets exclusive Apple Park access, interviews

TF1, a French news channel recently explored Apple Park and spoke with a few Apple executives.

New footage has been revealed by the news channel, detailing staff members’ experiences and how they’re working on the next generation services, software and products. The video did not reveal any unreleased products, and the interviewed Apple employees had their faces blurred for identity and privacy reasons.

TF1 called Apple Park ‘one of the most secret places on the planet’, and were not able to gain access to every room or department. In speaking with Greg Joswiak, the Apple exec said that Steve Jobs’ vision was to make Apple Park the ‘office for the future’.

The video document shows employees in formal meetings in conference rooms, and interviews with notable figures such as Apple VP of Health Dr. Sumbul Desai and VP of Environment Lisa Jackson. Those interested can check out the 4-minute video segment at the TF1 official website.

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