Frequency of Lost AirPods Prompt MTA to Issue Public Service Announcement


Due to the sheer number of AirPods ending in the NYC subway tracks, the MTA is thinking of adding a public service announcement that urges commuters not to take their AirPods off or on while exiting or entering the trains.


MTA maintenance supervisor Steven Duglinski says that the AirPods are quite small and very hard to find. In darkened tracks such as the one New York has, the fact that they’re white is the only hope owners have of finding them.

Rescues have become more common in March, caused by the humidity and heat. Workers use an extending pole with rubber ends that can ‘grab’ small objects, which they dubbed the ‘picker-upper’.

The app Find My iPhone can be used to locate AirPods, but many of these devices get stuck in crevices and hard-to-reach spots. Beleaguered owners can get replacement units for $69 per piece and $138 for a new set. Replacement cases are $59 and the wireless case charger goes for $79.


Samantha Wiley

Samantha is a senior news editor at iLounge. She has been covering the technology industry for over five years, writing about Apple, Google, and other major companies. Samantha has also worked as a reporter and editor for several other publications.