Future AirPods may have Anti-Cheat Fitness features


Apple is reported to be working on adding an AirPods feature to detect movement and motion during workouts.

Anti-Cheat Fitness Features

The Cupertino-based company recently submitted a patent titled ‘Wireless Earbud System with Pose Detection’, which outlines how the AirPods could determine movement details and to possibly curb cheating with its Fitness+ service.

The patent discusses information on how the earbuds could have sensors to collect orientation data on user movements. Accelerometers and similar technology could help create a system to supply the user with feedback and coaching depending on the user’s head movement and exercise.

Arguably, the patent could be used in line with Spatial Audio for precise changes in audio applications. However, there are notes that say the technology could be used to provide audible feedback based on the user’s head movement routine.

Apple Fitness+ offers online guided workout experiences, but it’s recorded and doesn’t have a way to provide real-time feedback per user.

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