Gain an Unfair Advantage with the $150 Off ASUS ROG Swift 25 inch Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor has features to help you see and perform better in competitive online games. It can also serve as an excellent display for work, watching videos and browsing the web, among others. Today, the 25 inch ASUS ROG Swift Gaming Monitor is down to just $650 from its original price of $800 on Amazon.

ASUS offers a speedy and capable monitor that performs admirably well. Refresh rates can be amped up to 360Hz, and response time is reduced to an impressive 1ms. For display, you get bright and accurate colors via HDR10 technology, NVIDIA Reflex Latency and the G-Sync processor. All these things translate to better play and a smoother experience.

The ROG Swift is fast and displays vivid color, and there’s a GamePlus feature that lets you maximize your skills. It’s a worthy upgrade to any standard monitor you may have, and at $150 off there’s no better time than now to get it!

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