Gambling apps dominate new App Store ad spots

Developers have brought a troubling concern to Apple over gambling apps that take most of the App Store’s ad slots.

Gambling ads have taken over most of Apple’s new ad spaces, including ones that appear in ‘You Might Also Like’, product pages, and search suggestions. The frequency may appear to vary from one user to another, but the ads seem to appear more than what’s considered normal.

App Store

Developers reported the matter to Apple over Twitter, with some saying that the ads appear on their app pages 3 times out of 10. As of the moment, Apple has not issued a reply or an explanation as to what’s happening.

Gambling ads and apps are considered controversial as they allow users to play casino-like games, such as roulette and poker, and allow digital currency as a deposit. Complaints say that the apps violate anti-gambling laws in the US and entice at-risk individuals to spend more money than they can afford.