GarageBand and iMovie App updated to 2.3

Apple has released version 2.3 of its iMovie app and added a slew of new features to its GarageBand app.

iMovie is a video editor that now supports sharing, editing and viewing HDR videos in the user’s Photos library, as well as a 4K video share and import option.

iOS GarageBand App, iMovie

Aside from that, the app now has customizable titles and tools that can change capitalization and style. A new slider allows for video and photo filters to be adjusted, while patterned, gradient or solid backgrounds become available.

GarageBand for the iOS has new audio recordings added on the Home Screen. The app features song length extension at 72 minutes at default tempo. A ‘Keyboard Collection’ sound pack has been added to provide more than 150 loops.

Both iMovie and GarageBand are apps that are free to download on the App Store. Users must update their app to the latest version to experience the new features.