Epic Games is partnering up with Nvidia to have Fortnite available on the iOS platform.


Popular battle royale game Fortnite has been shut out of Apple devices due to the ongoing Apple vs Epic lawsuit. However, it seems that Epic Games is set to introduce Fortnite back to iOS users via the GeForce Now platform.

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s streaming platform, and recently has pledged support for Fortnite. This means iOS devices will now be able to play it via browser.

In November 2020 Nvidia introduced integration of its streaming service on Safari, which meant the whole library is available on devices that have a web browser. Fortnite for mobile is in limited closed beta, and iOS users can sign up to play the battle royale game.

Apple shut down the iOS Fortnite app on August 13, 2020 citing a breach in App Store guidelines. In September last year the Cupertino-based company declared that it won’t be allowing the game into the App Store until a legal resolution has been met.


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