Georgia and Arizona drivers can soon use their Apple Wallet as ID and license

iOS 15 introduces support for ID and passport storage on the Apple Wallet, with residents in Georgia and Arizona being the first to use it to store their driver’s licenses and state ID.

Apple has recently announced that the total states that can accept Apple Wallet ID and implement them total to 7- Utah, Oklahoma, Maryland, Kentucky, Iowa and Connecticut after Georgia and Arizona. The TSA, or Transportation Security Administration is working to add security checkpoints that support Apple Wallet ID in airports.

Apple Wallet as ID and License

Apple Wallet and Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey has stated that the addition of state IDs and driver’s licenses are a step towards the company’s realization of replacing physical wallets with secure digital mobile ones. TSA Administrator David Pekoske says that innovative solutions allow for a more seamless airport security screening for travelers and marks a milestone for the organization.

Implementation of IDs and driver’s license is set to launch with iOS 15. However, there’s not a definitive timeline for its support and implementation.