German researchers create DIY microscope using iPhone 5 lens and lego

A group of German researchers in universities have built a DIY microscope using Lego blocks and an iPhone 5 camera lens for students.

The low budget microscopes were made by Munster University and Georg August University’s Timo Betz, Emil Betz Blesa and Bart E. Vos as a way to provide high resolution microscopes to students who might need them. It had to be cheaper than ones that could be found in a science lab at school.

Toy microscopes are slightly modified magnifying glasses and won’t do much, while class-grade devices cost hundreds of dollars. Schools are finding it difficult to supply sufficient equipment and most homes won’t have a budget to get one.

The researchers constructed a Lego housing, a smartphone and an iPhone 5 lens, with emphasis on Lego for its cheap and modular nature. As for the iPhone 5 lens they acquired it for under $5.

Project plans are available for those who are interested, as well as a study which outlines the methods and suggested experiments students can undertake.

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