Germany wants 7 Years’ Worth of iPhone parts and support from Apple

The German government recently proposed that Apple and other device manufacturers offer spare parts and security patches for seven years at a European Union bid for a better environment.

Germany has entered negotiation talks with the European Commission to change tablet and smartphone servicing and repairs. Currently, the union is looking to have device vendors such as Apple offer support and parts for 5 years, but Germany wants more.


Updates should be applied to smartphones for 5 years, and parts should be supported for the same duration. Aside from the 7 year proposal, the government also wishes for spare parts to be sold at a reasonable price and for it to be published.

The European Commission also plans to introduce a repairability and energy label index for consumers to know how easily they could repair their devices.

Debate on how the iPhone and other hardware should last has been going on for awhile, but the European Commission should have a solid proposal come 2023.