Get $300 Off when you buy the 16 Inch MacBook Pro today

The MacBook Pro 16 inch model is a powerhouse machine that can get things done. Today, you can snag it for $300 less than the regular price on Amazon.

MacBook Pro

Grab the 16GB memory and 1TB storage variant and enjoy $300 off for a final price of $2,499. The specs on the MacBook Pro are impressive- a 9th generation i7 Intel processor, an AMD Pro 5300M, Ultrafast SSD, 6-speaker system w/ force-canceling woofers, Touch ID and Touch Bar and proprietary Retina display. The laptop promises up to 11 hours on a full charge and has 4 USB C ports for connectivity.

Everyday tasks will be a cinch, as well as mid- to heavy computing tasks such as 3D renders, photo and video editing and the like. The Retina display is great for watching movies and TV shows and going on social media.

We may not see a lower discount for the 16 inch MacBook Pro, so if you’re looking for a laptop then go ahead and click the ‘Buy Now’ button!

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