Get $5 off on the Wireless Apple Magic Keyboard from Amazon

Do you want a Keyboard for your Mac? Not all the keyboards are the same and also are not compatible with your Mac. It is why you should only rely on the best and the most versatile keyboard for your Mac.

Now you can buy the Apple magic Keyboard from Amazon at a discounted price. The Silver wireless Apple magic keyboard is available only for $94 instead of $99. 

Apple Magic Keyboard

Wireless Apple Magic Keyboard

This keyboard is sleek. It has a great design and the keys are easy to use. The keys have a scissor mechanism which ensures that when you press the keys it stays stable and gives you an accurate typing experience.

The design also includes a rechargeable battery. There are several enhanced key features also. The keyboard also has a low-profile that makes it easy to carry around and travel. 

This is a wireless keyboard which means it will automatically pair with your Mac. No need to install wires and wait for the connection. Also, the battery of this keyboard is long. With a single charge, you can sue the keyboard for at least a month. 

Buy the Silver Wireless Apple Magic Keyboard from Amazon and save $5.