Get $75 off this High-Tech Video Doorbell

We can’t wait by the door when expecting a guest or a delivery all day, and you wouldn’t want them to wait too long either.

The solution? A video doorbell that lets you answer the door using your iPhone should do the trick, and the Certified Refurbished Video Doorbell Pro from Ring fits the bill nicely. It’s currently priced at $149, down $75 from its original tag of $224. Deals like these are rare and only come once, so if there’s a need then you won’t regret pulling the trigger.

Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

Install the video doorbell in place of your hardwired ringer and you’ll be able to see visitors via a 1080p camera with night vision. When the unit detects motion, a notification pops up on your smartphone. You can even use the Ring app to speak with and see people as they come up at your doorstep.

The Doorbell Pro comes with lifetime theft protection, so if ever someone steals the device, the manufacturer replaces it 100% free.