Get a machined aluminium AirTag case for your AirTags at 20% Off

Every AirTags owner should have a case for their item tracker. Today, you can snag the Raptic Link Case with Detachable Carabiner for just $15.99 from its original price of $20 on Amazon.

Raptic’s case is easy to use- just snap the AirTag on and you get 24/7 protection. Even with it on, the whole package is relatively light and thin, thanks to the aluminum material and design. In terms of protection, the raised bezel keeps your item tracker from getting dings and scratches every which way.

The link case is long-lasting and ages gracefully. It comes with a removable carabiner so you can attach it to your keys, pet collars, bags and similar items. It’s rare to see a machined aluminum AirTags case, more so that it’s made by a reputable brand.

$16 is a great deal for an AirTags partner that can protect it from scratches and keep it safe. Make sure to check out the Raptic Link Case for Apple AirTags today!

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