When it comes to pairing Apple products with accessories there’s no better than opting for the same brand. Apple always has high quality products, and for your iPad Pro you’d want to get a Magic Keyboard. Today, the white Magic Keyboard model is down to just $299.98 from its original price of $350 on Amazon.

Apple Magic Keyboard

For writers, content creators and corporate employees having a physical keyboard can make things more efficient. Thankfully, Apple’s Magic Keyboard sports tactile keys and a trackpad for an excellent typing experience. It has a USB-C connection and backlit keys which illuminate in the dark.

Furthermore, you can adjust the viewing angle of your iPad Pro via a magnetic cantilever design which makes for a more ergonomic setup. Once you’re done, the accessory acts as a protective case for the iPad Pro’s Retina display.

$50 off is a huge discount for a very useful iPad Pro accessory. Buy it today!


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