Get a Pair of Ergonomic Laptop Stands for Just $23

Tired of hunching over your laptop and getting sore neck and shoulders because of it? A laptop riser is just what you need. Today, the Soundance Laptop Stand bundle is down to just $22.94 from its original price of $54 on Amazon. Each one costs $54, but you can get a 2-for-1 deal by clipping the on-page coupon and adding the black aluminum model to your cart.

The Soundance Laptop Stand is compatible with any laptop ranging from 10 inches to 15.6 inches, including most MacBooks. It’s made of thickened aluminum alloy and as such you won’t have to worry about your laptop toppling over. The stand effectively raises the height of your laptop’s screen by 6 inches so you can work in an ergonomic manner. Your eyes, neck, shoulders and back will thank you for it!

Aside from being ergonomic the Soundance stand stops your MacBook from overheating. The space below can be used to store your keyboard, mouse or other documents.

Buy a pair of Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand and save up to $58 today!

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