OtterBox’s MagSafe Wallet for iPhone has recently gotten a massive price cut. Today, you can get the Detachable Wallet for MagSafe for just $19.54 from its original price of $40 on Amazon.

OtterBox Detachable Wallet

iPhone 12 to iPhone 14 users can get an extra-portable wallet without having to carry excess baggage, thanks to the OtterBox Detachable MagSafe Wallet. It comes in a variety of colors for style preference, but they all do the same thing- hold a card or ID so you can go out and still be able to make a purchase without your wallet. The material is durable and made with synthetic leather, and attaching it to your iPhone is literally a snap. Strong magnet holds the wallet in place so there’s very little risk of misplacing it.

Each purchase of the detachable MagSafe wallet comes with limited lifetime warranty. At half off, it’s definitely one that you should watch for. Buy the OtterBox MagSafe Wallet today!


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