Get a Stylish and Compact iMac Riser at $15 Off

If you find yourself constantly straining your eyes or neck when using your 27 inch iMac, then you should try the Rain Design mBase. Today, it’s down to just $44.46 from its original price of $60 on Amazon.

The mBase is compact and fits really well into the iMac’s base. Prop open the small compartment and you can effectively reduce clutter while having a more ergonomic display. It elevates the screen two inches up and in alignment with your vision. The design and color matches seamlessly with the 27 inch iMac model.


At the back is a welcome cable management design so your desk looks nicer. Furthermore, there are several air vents to allow for better cooling and to prevent the computer from overheating on power-hungry tasks.

Get yourself a compact riser and compartment at an excellent price. The Rain Design mBase for 27 inch iMac is now only $44.50 today!