Recently nabbed an Apple Watch Series 7 and are looking for a charging dock companion for it? Get a magnetic one for added convenience. Today, the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is down to just $69 from its original price of $79 on Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 7 Magnetic Dock

The magnetic dock is fully compatible with the built-in wireless charging mechanism in Apple Watches, particularly the newly-launched Series 7. It works on every model and is a one-size-fits-all kind of charging dock. Simply attach a Lightning to USB cable and leave the dock in your nightstand, WFH office or hallway and you can easily juice up whenever you need to.

Preview Product Price
Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock $79.00 $64.59

As far as design and aesthetics are concerned, the dock is low-profile and can fit absolutely anywhere. The included cable is at a generous 6 ft so you can install it on any surface with little to no trouble.

Snap up the $10 discounted Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock today!


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