Break away from the usual boring white case with the Elago Ice Cream AirPods Pro Case (Blueberry). Today, it’s down to just $10.71 from its original price of $14 on Amazon.

AirPods Pro Case

Elago’s Ice Cream AirPods Case is delightfully cute- you wouldn’t think they’re an AirPods case until you open the flap in the middle.

The pastel ice cream colors have different-coloured sprinkles, and there’s a stick that can serve as a keyring for attaching the AirPods Pro case to your bag. Included is a charging hole so you can juice up your case without having to remove the protection.

The case is constructed from durable silicone and supports wireless charging. You get a unique-looking AirPods Pro case that will surely catch the eye of anyone who sees it, and your case will get protection from everyday scratches and bumps as well. The discounted price of $11 is surely worth the price of admission. Buy the Elago Ice Cream AirPods Pro Case today!


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