Get more out of your device with this discounted Powerstation

Power banks are just as essential as the devices we use every day. Without them, you’d be worried about running out of juice and nothing to do.

mophie Powerstation External Battery for Universal Smartphones and Tablets

Today, you can get a whopping 70% discount on the Mophie Powerstation 6,000mAh Portable Power Bank. It’s priced at just $14.99, down $35 from its original price of $49.95 on Amazon.

Get More Out Of Your Device With this Discounted Powerstation

Mophie’s powerbanks are high-quality and allow you to get more out of your iPhone, iPad and more. The 6,000 mAh battery has a 2.1 amp output for charging- with the right cable you can use it to bring your device back to 100%. Mophie has triple-tested these products for maximum safety and performance. Moreover, it’s available in Space Gray or Rose Gold depending on your preference.

Grab the discounted Mophie Powerstation quick before stock runs out. The last time Mophie had a sale, the Powerstation ran out in record time At $14.99, it’s practically a steal. Buy it today!