Get OMOTON’s Silver Aluminum MacBook Stand at 32% Off

A laptop stand is an absolute must if you work extended hours with your MacBook. Today, the OMOTON L2 Aluminum Laptop Stand is down to just $16.99 from its original price of $25 on Amazon.

As with all laptop stands, your MacBook’s display will be elevated to eye level for reduced strain. It accommodates nearly every MacBook in the market, including the 12 inch, 13 inch and 15 inch models. For non-Apple brands, you can fit in Chromebooks, Lenovo ThinkPad and the Microsoft Surface.

OMOTON’s Silver Aluminum MacBook Stand

The material is solid and built to take a beating, thanks to aluminum alloy that appears similar to your MacBook’s chassis. Soft rubber pads protect against slippage and scratching the laptop. Air flow is optimized so your computer won’t overheat during extended periods of work or play.

Get a reliable MacBook Stand at a discounted 32 percent off. Your shoulders, neck and eyes will thank you for it.