Get The 21.5 inch 4K Retina iMac for Just $1,039

How much would you pay for a previous-gen iMac with 21.5-inch monitor and 4K, Retina display?

Normally priced at $1,499, the 21.5-inch workhorse from Apple is now priced at just $1,039, down a whopping $460 on Amazon. You’ll have a powerhouse machine that can take on any task you have, thanks to its i5 Intel processor, generous 8GB of memory and 1TB of storage.

Apple iMac

The iMac’s highlight is the 4K Retina display that will be a joy to use regardless of whether you’re editing photos or watching Apple TV+, Netflix or YouTube. The previous-gen iMac includes a Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard, and a USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 3 for connectivity options.

This deal is a great way to get a taste of the macOS ecosystem. You’ll find the 4K display to be so brilliant that you wouldn’t want to switch back to your old computer or laptop again!

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