Enjoy more than just apps and games on the iPad for your kids- get them the Osmo Creative Starter Kit, which is down to just $49.98 from its original price of $70 on Amazon.

Osmo - Creative Starter Kit for iPad

The iPad educational learning kit is great for children aged 5 to 10 and parents who want their kids to learn through play and imagination. Some of the skills that will be practiced include fine motor, creative problem solving, physics, visual thinking and drawing speed.

What’s great about the kit is that it’s guided and your child gets visual and audio feedback in real time, so parents can just hang back and let their child immerse himself in the environment.

The Osmo Creative Kit has a wide range of iPad compatibility, and you only need at least iOS 10 to start playing. It’s easy to set up and make for a wonderful time. At 30 percent off, it’s one of the best deals to date!


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