If you’re a fan of Razer and own a tablet, smartphone or laptop, then this item is for you. Today, the Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger is down to just $143.20 from its original price of $179 on Amazon.

Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse

Razer’s GaN charger is an absolute powerhouse and can handle all your essential device charging needs. It’s smaller than the average laptop charger and contains not just two, but four ports for simultaneous charging. The two USB-C and USB-A combine a total of 130W, and fast charging is supported as well, which means you won’t have to spend too much time plugged to a wall.

Copping out the details are included global adapter plugs and safe power delivery. It can single-handedly power and provide energy to your M1 powered MacBook, iPhone, Razer laptop and more. Don’t wait for the deal to expire- grab the 20% discounted Razer USB-C GaN Charger today!


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