If you’ve recently invested in a premium AirPods Max then you know that you’ll have to take care of it so the headphones last a long time. A headphone stand such as the MagFit Apple AirPods Max Stand by Spigen is the perfect accessory- today, you can get it for just $62.99 from its original price of $75 on Amazon.

Spigen MagFit AirPods Max Stand

The Spigen S380 is specially designed to cradle the AirPods Max and keep it fresh and undamaged. Featuring a grooved mount to preserve the mesh knit canopy, you can put your precious headphones on and not have to worry about a thing. The stand is flush against any flat surface, and if you have a charging puck you can set up a mini charging station at the base. Installation is quick and easy, and there’s a gel pad base to keep the whole thing steady at any time.

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