Give Your Devices Free Juice with a Discounted Choetech Solar Charger

Does the idea of getting free electricity for your iPhone, iPad or Bluetooth speaker sound good to you? The Choetech Solar Charger is the solution you need to harness the sun’s rays and convert them into usable energy.

The 14W charger device is now only $28.89, down $17 off from its usual price of $45.99 on Amazon. Add the code DJLE5Z54 during checkout to avail of the promotion.

Choetech Solar Charger

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Highly efficient panels collect and convert up to 25% of direct sunlight to charge your iPad, powerbank, iPhone, Bluetooth device and more. Lay the panels out under the sun and not worry about the elements, thanks to the waterproof and weather-resistant aspect. A convenient buckle, compartment, and hooks allow you to position the panels or attach them to virtually anything.

It’s great for travel, camping or when you’re outdoors and need to be electronically connected 24/7. Grab the discounted Choetech Solar Charger today!

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