Give Your Existing Speakers a New Lease on Life with the Discounted Belkin SoundForm Connect


Your analog hi-fi sound system can still make a comeback with the right audio adapter. Today, you can get the Belkin SoundForm Connect AirPlay Receiver for just $69.99 from its original price of $100 on Amazon.

Belkin SoundForm Connect AirPlay 2 Audio Adapter Receiver for Wireless Streaming with Optical and 3.5mm Speaker

The SoundForm Connect offers a seamless streaming solution for non-wireless audio equipment in a compact and intuitive device. It streams CD-quality sounds of up to 44.1 kHz resolution and 16-bit sample rates through AirPlay 2.

Using your Mac or iOS device, you can now control music and stream wirelessly just by tapping the AirPlay icon from your Apple device.

Setting up is a matter of connecting the adapter to the equipment’s audio input, then choosing the ‘AirPlay’ option on your device. You can now play music or have it act as an enhanced speaker for watching TV shows and movies on Netflix, Apple TV+ or Disney+, among others.

Grab the $30 off Belkin SoundForm Connect Audio Adapter today.

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