Give Your Siri Remote a Retro Skin For Only $14

The Siri Remote is the crown jewel of the newest 2021 Apple TV. But why settle for the default skin when you can get it some protection and a cool retro vibe? Today, the Elago R4 Retro Case is down to just $13.99 from its original price of $16 on Amazon.

As a case, the R4 Retro protects your Siri Remote from eventual drops, bumps and scrapes as you use it to watch videos or play games. There’s a lanyard included, and you’ll still be able to access all the buttons and functions as if the case wasn’t there.

Siri Remote a Retro Skin

Flip the remote on the back and you get a retro controller design, complete with the d-pad and four action buttons. Granted, the case isn’t a working game controller but you get cool style points whenever you show it to friends.

Don’t have a case for your Siri Remote yet? Buy the elago R4 case for just $14 today!