Apple and other companies are experiencing chip delays for years, with some expecting delivery delays until 2024.


Global semiconductor shortage is currently causing issues around the world. Slow chip delivery has impacted vendors’ abilities to complete orders and products. PowerX, a utility monitoring firm placed orders in May and was expecting it to be delivered in summer this year, but was delayed until fall, winter and then May 2022. Princeps Electronics faces the same problems, with orders having delayed delivery dates of 2024.

Chip wait times have typically extended from 9 to 12 weeks to 22 weeks from September to October. Power management companies experience a delay of 25 weeks on average, while auto industry microcontrollers can take up to 38 weeks.

Apple is also affected, saying how legacy nodes were the main competition point during its latest financial results report. However, leading edge nodes such as the Silicon chip continues to move along.


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