Globalstar and SpaceX to help Apple’s Emergency SOS Satellites

Globalstar will collaborate with Musk’s SpaceX to enhance Apple’s Emergency SOS even further.

A recent SEC filing showed the agreement between SpaceX and Globalstar, a satellite communications company based in the US. Though details were scarce, it did reveal that SpaceX will be launching the satellites in 2025 for the sum of $64 million. It also confirms that Apple will cover 95% of the new satellite costs and was referred to as a joint partner.

Apple’s Emergency SOS Satellites

Curiously enough, Globalstar is currently facing a lawsuit against SpaceX, which wants a radio spectrum dedicated to its Starlink mobile service. Globalstar said that SpaceX illegally attempted to cover the 2.4GHz and 1.6GHz bands which could likely hamper Emergency SOS via Satellite. Currently, the service only works with Globalstar’s infrastructure, but Musk said that the company is in talks with Apple about using its network in the future.

Emergency SOS via Satellite is a feature found on the iPhone 14 lineup.