Gmail is now available in dark mode on all iOS devices


After an inconsistent functionality and after several months of delay, iPhone and iPad now have the Gmail’s dark mode completely available. It has been a long-awaited feature for Gmail on Apple iPhone and iPad.

Gmail is now available in dark mode on all iOS devices

The new version of Gmail that rolled out on Apple App Store now includes the following release notes:

“Pro Tip: now you can also switch between the light and the dark theme (modes) when you upgrade to the iOS 13.”

Dark mode on Gmail

Google announced Gmail’s dark mode for iPhone and iPad last year in September; however, it has seen a lot of delays due to several reasons. Many users did manage to activate the dark mode but it was not active when they restarted the device. And many users did not have access to the feature at all. However, now the dark mode in Gmail it is completely functional in both iPad and iPhone.

Enabling dark mode on the Gmail App

The users can now enable the dark mode the users will first need to launch the Gmail App. Tap on the menu and scroll down and tap on Settings. Then tap Theme option and then choose light or the dark mode. The purpose of the dark mode is to save more battery and make the device more efficient while using the application at night or in dark.

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