Everybody loves dark mode. Software makers know that and every company is working to update their suites with a dark theme. The latest and the most addition is iOS. Apple added dark mode to iOS 13 and app developers are following suite to make their apps work in congruence with iOS.

iOS 13 dark mode

Google today announced that it is adding “dark mode” to Gmail starting today. The company promises that users will receive the update on their iPhones in 15 days or possibly a little longer. Users running iOS 13 or iOS 13.1 can toggle dark mode in iOS to enable “dark theme” in Gmail. Google says that when users toggle dark mode system wide, the Gmail app automatically shift to dark mode as well.

How to enable dark mode

If the Gmail app on your iPhone is not turning dark when “dark mode” is toggled in iOS, then you can check Settings->Theme->Dark Mode to force-enable it . If the option is not visible to you, then it means the update has not yet been reflected on your iPhone. Apps on iOS devices automatically update, however you check for updates by going to App Store->Updates.

The dark mode on iPhone X and iPhone 11 models saves battery as the black elements on the display don’t consume any power. iPhone X and iPhone 11 use OLED displays which enables the ability to power only the pixels that are non-black; the black colour on the screen are pixels turned-off.


With iOS 13 adding support for dark mode, more developers are expected to release dark mode in their apps. Some of the Google apps like YouTube have already been updated to reflect the changes. Twitter has also updated its app to support dark mode.Google Maps is an app that badly requires dark mode on iOS & Android. 


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