GoDaddy is the latest company to adopt Apple’s Tap to Pay feature for the iPhone.

iPhone Tap to Pay

A new GoDaddy mobile app was launched in the US for users to be able to accept contactless payment options on the iPhone. GoDaddy Payments handles the transactions at 2.3% per payment, which is believed to save customers up to 20% on credit card processing fees. GoDaddy users can download the new GoDaddy app on their iPhones. Signing up is required, with payments getting deposited the next day at the soonest.

The GoDaddy: POS & Tap-to-Pay app is available to download at the App Store for free. Users will need to have iOS 14.1 or later to be able to use the Tap to Pay feature. Currently, the service is only available in the US but there’s no word on when or if it will expand to other regions.

Apple’s Tap to Pay service debuted in February 2022.


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