Google AR Senior Director exits

Google’s workforce took a significant hit with the exit of a Senior Director working in the AR and XR division.

Mark Lucovsky confirmed via a tweet that he’s leaving Google and his role as Senior Director of Engineering. He said that the company’s ‘unstable commitment’ to the technology and leadership changes influenced the decision to leave Google. This marks Google’s propensity to work on new products and quickly shut them down- Google Stadia, its cloud gaming service was discontinued before its 5th year.

Google AR

Google Glasses was one of the first AR glasses in development to surface, but was quickly overtaken by Apple’s and other companies. Consumer sales were halted in 2015, and enterprise customers were cut off just this year. There were rumors saying that Google was working on a similar device, dubbed ‘Project Iris’ but it’s believed that the project was canceled.

Consumers are currently in the dark in Google’s upcoming VR and AR products.