Google Earth now accessible in Edge, Firefox and Opera

Google Earth can now be accessed outside Google Chrome, notably Edge, Opera and Firefox. The interactive mapping app will have support for Safari but will come at a later time.

Moving Google Earth to other browsers required the development of Wasm, or WebAssembly. Today, Wasm is arguably the best W3C open web standard for those who want to work with and port native code online.

Google Earth Now Accessible in Edge, Firefox and Opera

According to the company’s blog post, bringing Google Earth to the Safari browser will take some ‘work’ before it’s made possible. Last year, Google mentioned that Earth could be ported if Apple adds better WebGL2 support, which is currently in development according to the Feature Status report by WebKit.

Google Earth was made available in 2017 but without advanced features on other browsers due to lack of open web standards. iPad and iPhone users who want to use it can download Google Earth app for the iOS.