Google Fi VPN service opens to iOS users

Google will be opening its Google Fi VPN service to iPhone users this spring to give iPhone owners an extra option for their security and privacy. Google at the same time will be ending VPN beta on the Android platform.

Google Fi VPN works by changing the user’s location and their IP addresses, which in turn allow them to download, browse and stream using a private and encrypted connection. Websites will not be able to track their real location when a VPN is enabled.

Google Fi is a virtual carrier that has a partnership with US cellular networks to provide data, text and talk plans with flexible pricing. Fi is a smartphone’s wi-fi assistant and constantly searches for and connects to supported wi-fi networks, thereby activating cellular functions such as texts and calls.

In 2020 Google Fi made eSIM iPhone support available, allowing owners to get a secondary line without needing an extra sim card.

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