Google launches new features for macOS Chrome app

Google has added several new features to its Chrome app for Mac, namely the Energy Saver and Memory Saver modes.

Energy Saver, as the name suggests, will be activated once the Mac’s battery level is at 20 percent. Battery-draining tasks will be limited, including website visual effects and animations, and the computer’s background activities.

macOS Chrome App

As for Memory Saver, the app will free up memory from tabs that are not in active use. Users will have a smoother browsing experience for the ones they’re using. Google claims that the mode is useful for those who are playing games or editing videos, with browser tabs in the background. The sites will reload when the user goes back to them.

Both modes can be disabled and enabled in Settings. Users can also tell the app to exempt websites from Memory Saver. Mac users can get the new features in version 108, which is set to launch very soon.