Google Maps Now Helps You Dodge Traffic Jams Easily With Its New Reporting Option


Google Maps has been upgrading its features to make our traveling easy for years. Recently, they added an amazing option to help us out in getting rid of traffic jams. Imagine, your rough and bad day comes to an end and now you’re driving home and you stuck in a worse traffic jam. You’ll feel like hell. Right?

Google maps

Luckily, Google Maps introduced this new Waze feature of reporting a traffic slow-down to inform others about the traffic jam on a specific route. But, how this feature works?

In Google Maps, there is an option called “Add a report”, previously, in this feature you were confined to add reports about the car crashes and the speed limits only. But as for now, you can also report Google about the traffic slowdown.

If you’re stuck in traffic jam, simply report Google about the traffic slowdown, so that others may change their routes accordingly. Such a Brilliant idea by Google Maps. Isn’t it?

This feature is not operational completely until now. However, this will be available on every location in its functional form very soon. Let’s just wait for this feature so that we may help others to find the best route for a hassle-free drive.

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